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Hello and welcome to Holos Touch LLC. Our name, Holos Touch, comes from the Greek word holos, which means holistic. I am Dorothea Atkins, Th.D., RN, LMT, an experienced registered nurse, licensed massage therapist, educator, researcher and facilitator of holistic self-help approaches for pain management and wellness. I have been helping people to heal for over twenty five years both in private practice, and consulting service empowering individuals, families, employers, schools and communities with simple hands-on methods that promote personal health and pain relief.

As founder and CEO of Holos Touch since 2011, I now realize that chronic pain is a global problem and the best way to educate so many is the through online classes.



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Dorothea Atkins is an experienced Massage Therapist with many years of experience in Deep Tissue, Pain Management and Lymph Drainage in the Haddon Heights, Voorhees and Camden area.

Empower with Self-Care for Pain Relief with Online Education

My answer to the chronic pain affecting nearly one in three Americans is to educate and empower people with safe and proven techniques that are natural and practical. A new preventive self-care approach to pain management as a natural option that:

  • Releases tight muscles,
  • Improves mobility
  • Relieves pain

Imagine a pain free day.

My Credentials

Dr. Dotty is what my patients usually call me. My career path includes nursing (I am a registered nurse with a BSN degree), teaching (Master in Arts degree, taught high school for 20 years), and licensed massage therapist (with over 25 years of continuing education and experience). Additionally, I have a doctorate degree in Theology from Holos University Graduate Seminary, my knee self-massage research can be read at http://lermagazine.com/ler-archives/september-2013.

My Vision

To empower millions with my self-treatment methods for various medical conditions as well as chronic pain.

My secret technique is teaching others to unlock the body’s natural ability to heal itself. By teaching you my simple techniques, based on my ground-breaking published knee self-massage research, you can preserve your joints, ensuring mobility and potentially help you to avoid painful treatments and the frustrations and physical limitations muscular pain causes. The self-massage technique can be applied to any area of the body with immediate pain relief. Self-massage is a safe and effective complement to conventional medicine, rehab, exercise, yoga, etc., but not a replacement.

Our Dedicated Staff

Angela Santana LMT  style=

Angela Santana LMT is Holos Touch LLC’s lead therapist and a 2007 graduate of Lourdes Institute for Wholistic Studies. She is a licensed New Jersey Massage Therapist and certified through National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB). She has over ten years education and experience with various massage techniques such as deep tissue, Russian massage, Reiki, myotherapy, reflexology, and many other modalities. Each session is individually tailored using advanced soft tissue and muscle release techniques to melt and release stuck soft tissue allowing the body to continue on its journey of healing.

She has five years’ experience as a research assistant under Dr. Atkins in the groundbreaking research and publication on the effects of knee self-massage. She has also experienced first-hand the benefits of self-massage which she has integrated successfully with the pain clients at Holos Touch LLC.

Gloria Adkins RN, BSN, MT is a registered nurse, with over 25 years hospital and wellness educator experience. She is also an important part of the Holos Touch team drawing on her five years’ experience as a research assistant in the pioneering “Knee Self-Massage” research study which she now teaches.



Holos Touch LLC is devoted to only one thing: bringing pain relief to everyone who needs it. We have taken many patients, worked many hours, and developed revolutionary techniques to that end. Our experienced staff has a rich history of helping those in pain by delivering quality treatment and life-improving advice.

We at Holos Touch want to make you well, so if you are suffering from joint or muscular pain, come to us and we will see to it that you walk out feeling better than ever.