Online Classes

Aging occurs daily, but chronic pain doesn’t have to.
My solution? Teach do-it-yourself self-care techniques for at-home self-management of pain.

These online classes/courses are INDIVIDUALIZED. Only you can feel when and what technique feels good, and when to stop, based on you own assessment. Each class in our courses contain STEP BY STEP instructions in a downloadable guide, as well as videos, to enhance understanding. AND you get access to the courses 24/7 on any device!

I will teach and show you how you can stop and control your knee pain, understand what muscles and joint move your knee and experience the benefits of self-massage in each lesson.

If you're ready to experience FAST and EASY PAIN RELIEF and ACCELERATED NATURAL HEALING - relaxing the tissues and muscles, and releasing excess fluid that may be trapped within tight tissue, all within the comfort of your own home, click on the button below..


In-Person Classes

We offer self-care classes to educate clients, families, consumers, seniors and healthcare practitioners how to manage chronic pain symptoms.

At Holos Touch, our workshops and classes are held both in the office and community. We focus on pain prevention techniques, stress reduction methods, and easy practices to increase mobility. We teach current, proven conventional and complementary therapies to address chronic pain, swelling, balance and mobility issues.

As many are aware, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths in those over 65. After a serious fall, each day that an elderly person spends in bed, they lose one percent of their muscle mass. It’s imperative to educate the elderly on self-care regimes to prevent falls.

Come learn exceptional therapeutic approaches to self-care for you, your patient/client, or family member.


Chronic knee pain impairs millions of people in the U.S. Knee self-massage, developed by Dr. Dorothea Atkins, and is a proven and effective self-help technique that manages chronic knee pain. Her research is published in the March 2013 issue of Holos Touch LLC is where this effective instructional program is taught.

Knee self-massage benefits an aging population seeking natural, economical solutions to control pain and improve mobility. In addition to benefiting the elderly or anyone with knee pain, the class is designed to empower healthcare consumers, health professionals, caregivers and athletes. In order to meet the needs of so many busy people we are now offering “drop-In knee self-massage” classes. The class is 90 minutes and provides effective hands-on education for you. The cost is only $15, so come and bring a friend! Requirements wear comfortable clothes with easy access to the thigh muscles and knee. Class is on the first Thursday morning from 11:00-12:30 or evenings from 6:00-7:30 PM on the 2nd or 4th Tuesday of each month till September. Class location: 240 White Horse Pike, STE 105, Audubon, NJ 08106.

The need is critical, the solution easy. Experience the benefits of knee self-massage in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Registration suggested (609) 313-0965.

At Holos Touch LLC in Haddon Heights- you will learn and experience the secrets to further release your muscles, experience how sleep pain free and address personal pain issues. The “drop In” class is priced at only $15 for a 90 minute session. The class is valued at $110; empowerment over pain is Priceless.

For your organization or conference- call for information and pricing.
(609) 313-0965